Companion in Paradise

Once Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام asked Allah عز وجل, ‘O the Most Forgiving One! Show me my companion in Paradise.’ Allah عز وجل said, ‘Go to so-and-so town. Over there, you will find so-and-so butcher; he will be your companion in Paradise.’ Therefore, Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام went to the butcher. He invited him (despite not knowing him; deeming him as a traveler and guest). When they both sat down to eat, he put a very big basket next to him. He would eat one morsel himself and put two inside the basket. Meanwhile, someone knocked on the door. The butcher got up and went outside. Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام looked in the basket and found an aged man and a woman inside. As soon as they looked at Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام, a smile glimmered on their face. They testified the Prophethood of Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام and passed away right at that moment.

When the butcher came back and looked at his dead parents inside the basket, he understood the whole matter and kissed the hands of Prophet Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام and said, ‘You seem to be Allah’s Prophet, Musa علیه السلام.’ Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام asked, ‘How did you recognize?’ He said, ‘My parents used to supplicate humbly everyday that: O Allah عز وجل! Grant us death whilst beholding (looking at) Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام. Upon their sudden death, I realized that you must be Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام.’ The butcher further said, ‘Whenever my mother would eat food, she would supplicate for me out of joy in the following manner: O Allah عز وجل! Make my child the companion of Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام in Paradise.’ Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام said, ‘Congratulations! Allah عز وجل has make you my companion in Paradise.’ (Nuzha-tul-Majalis, Vol. 1, pp. 266)

May Allah عز وجل have mercy upon them and may he forgive us for their sake!

The disobedient of parents is punished even in the worldly life

Dear Islamic brothers! Did you see the status of the acceptability of parents’ supplications for their children! If parents become angry and curse their children; even that is also accepted. Therefore, one should always keep his parents happy. Holy Prophet صلى الله علیہ وسلم said, ‘Parents are your Hell and your Paradise.’ At another place the Holy Prophet صلى الله علیہ وسلم said, ‘If Allah عز وجل wills He عز وجل can delay the punishment for every sin until the day of Judgement but He عز وجل punishes the one disobedient to his parents in this very world. (Al-Mustadrak, Vol. 5, pp. 216, Hadis 7345)

One became dumb for not replying to his mother

It is narrated that a man was called by his mother but he did not reply back. Because of this, his mother cursed him and he became dumb. (Bir-rul-Walidain Lit-Tartushi, pp. 79)

Injured finger (Rights of Parents)

Sayyiduna Bayazid Bistami رحمتہ اللہ علیہ has narrated: My mother asked me for water in a freezing winter night. I brought the glass of water but she had fallen asleep. I did not feel it appropriate to wake her up; therefore, I stood next to her with the glass of water waiting to present it to her when she woke up. It had been quite some time since I was standing and some of the water had frozen on my finger as it had flowed out of the glass.

When my mother woke up, I presented her the glass of water. As soon as the frozen finger, that was stuck, separated from the glass, the skin also came off and it began to bleed. Upon seeing that, my mother asked, ‘What is this?’ I told her the whole incident. Then she raised her hands and supplicated: O Allah عز وجل! I am pleased with him, You too be pleased with him. (Nuzha-rul-Majalis, Vol. 1, pp.261)

May Allah عز وجل have mercy upon them and may he forgive us for their sake!

Kiss the doorstep of the Paradise everday

The fortunate ones, whose parents are still alive, should kiss their feet and hands at least once a day. There is a great reward in respecting the parents. The Holy Prophet صلى الله علیہ وسلم has said, ‘The Paradise lies under the feet of the mothers.’ So being good to them is a means of entry into Paradise. (Musnad-ush-Shahab, Vol. 1, pp. 102, Hadis 119) On page 88 of Bahar-e-Shariat, Volume 16 [the 312-page publication of Maktaba-tul-Madinah, the publishing department of Dawat-e-Islami], it is cited, ‘One may also kiss the feet of his mother.’ It is stated in a Hadis, ‘The one who kissed his mother’s feet; it is as if he kissed the doorstep of the Paradise.’ (Dur-re-Mukhtar, Vol. 9, pp. 606)

Freed two slaves upon for raising voice before his mother

Whenever you see your mother or father coming, stand up with respect. Don’t talk to them by looking into their eyes. Whenever they call you, instantly reply Labbaik (Here I am). Address them with respectful words (and never let your voice rise above theirs). When Sayyiduna ‘Abdullah bin ‘Awn’s mother called him; while replying back to her, his voice rose a little bit. As compensation, he رحمتہ اللہ علیہ freed two slaves.
(Hilyat-ul-Auliya, Vol. 3, pp. 45, Hadis 3103)

Repeatedly earn the reward of Hajj-e-Mabrur

سبحان الله عز وجل! How much our Saints رحمتہ اللہ المبىن valued their parents and how great their Madani outlook used to be! Where shall we get two slaves from! Alas! In such matters, forget about ‘two chickens’, we don’t even have the courage to sacrifice two eggs in the path of Allah عز وجل. May Allah عز وجل give us the ability to understand the importance of parents. Amin!

Let’s earn excessive rewards for free, without spending anything. Look at your parents with sympathy and live. How nice it is to look at your parents with a merciful gaze! The Holy Prophet صلى الله علیہ وسلم has said, ‘When children look at their parents with a merciful gaze, Allah عز وجل writes the reward of Hajj-un-Mabrur (accepted Hajj) for every (such) sight.’ The Holy Companions علیهم الرضوان asked, ‘Even if someone looks at them hundred times a day?’ The Holy Prophet صلى الله علیہ وسلم said, ‘Yes, Allah عز وجل  is the Greatest and Atyab (the Purest).’
(Shuab-ul-Iman, Vol. 6, pp. 186, Hadis 7856)

Undoubtedly, Allah عز وجل is capable of everything. He عز وجل can give as much as He عز وجل wills. He عز وجل is not bound or compelled by anyone at all so if someone looks at his parents with a merciful gaze one hundred times a day, He عز وجل would grant him the reward of one hundred accepted Hajjs.

Oceanic Dome (Rights of Parents)

Allah عز وجل sent a revelation upon Sayyiduna Sulayman علیه السلام ordering him to visit the bank of the ocean in order to witness the manifestation of His power. Sayyiduna Sulayman علیه السلام went there with his companions but did not see anything notable. Therefore, he علیه السلام ordered a jinn to dive into the ocean and reveal the secrets of the deep. After coming out of the jinn said ‘I could not reach the depths of the ocean and neither did I see anything [noticeable].’ He علیه السلام ordered another more powerful jinn who dived twice as deep as the first jinn; but, he too, could not bring any information. Then he علیه السلام ordered his wise minister Shaykh Asif bin Barkhiya رحمتہ اللہ علیہ. Very shortly, Asif bin Barkhiya رحمتہ اللہ علیہ brought a grand camphoric, four door, white coloured, dome in the blessed court of Sayyiduna Sulayman علیه السلام. One door was made up of pearls, the second of rubies (Yaqut), the third of diamonds and the fourth was made up of emeralds (Zamarrud). There was not even a single drop of water inside the dome despite all four doors being open. Inside the oceanic dome, there was a very handsome young man, dressed up in neat and clean clothes, engaged in offering Salah.

When he completed his Salah, Sulayman علیه السلام said Salam to him and enquired about the secrets of that oceanic dome. He said: O Prophet of Allah عز وجل! My father was handicapped and my mother was blind. الحمد ﷲ عز وجل, I served them for seventy years. Before my mother passed way, she supplicated, ‘O Allah عز وجل! Grant my son a long righteous life.’ Before my father passed away, he supplicated, ‘O Allah عز وجل! Give my child the ability to worship in such a place where Satan can’t interfere.’

I saw this oceanic dome when I came to the bank of this ocean after the burial of my beloved father and I entered it. Meanwhile, an Angel came and took this dome into the depths of the ocean. Upon the inquiry of Sayyiduna Sulayman علیه السلام, he said, ‘I came over here in the blessed time of Sayyiduna Ibrahim علیه السلام.’ Sayyiduna Sulaymin علیه السلام realized that it had been two thousand years since he had been in the oceanic dome and was still young. Not a single hair of his had turned white.

In regards to his food he said, ‘Everyday, a green bird brings something yellowish in its beak. I eat it. It contains the taste of all of the bounties of the world. It satiates my hunger and thirst. In addition, الحمد ﷲ عز وجل, I remain safe from heat, cold, sleep, laziness, drowsiness, loneliness, fear and horrors.’

Then, upon the request of that young man and order of Sayyiduna Sulaymin علیه السلام, Shaykh Asif bin Barkhiya رحمتہ اللہ علیہ picked that oceanic dome up and took it back to the depths of the ocean.

After this, Sayyiduna Sulaymin علیه السلام said, ‘O people! May Allah عز وجل shower His mercy upon you. Did you notice to what extent the supplications of parents are accepted! Refrain from disobeying your parents.’ (Raud-ur-Raiyahin, pp. 233)

May the mercy of Allah عز وجل be showered upon them and we be forgiven for their sake!

Dears Islamic brothers! We come to know that serving parents is a great honour. If they become pleased [with us] and supplicate for us, we become successful.

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